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Thinking of our customers first

Mr. Wakai, the representative of "ONAKA LACTO", has been engaged in manufacturing for more than 10 years at a major food manufacturer under the philosophy of quality-oriented.

He strongly felt doubt about the fact that the world is full of supplements that have no evidence (scientific basis), ingredients, or safety tests, and that they dominate the top rankings.

We selected "Lactobacillus rhamnosus", the most researched lactic acid bacteria in the world, and developed "ONAKA LACTO".


Providing the world's highest quality, easy-to-access products that are evidence-based.


Create a world where supplements with science are valued.


Integrity, no customer deception.
Promise of safety and security to customers.
Assurance of scientific evidence.
Commitment to taste, palatability, and ease of use.

Shinpei Wakai(Representative of ONAKA LACTO)

Joined a major food manufacturer in 2010.
Engaged in launching new businesses in the health domain and launched a flagship brand in healthcare in 2017.

In 2020, he became independent and founded "ONAKA LACTO".

I myself am a former researcher of lactobacilli for a major food manufacturer, but am also a parent of a one-year-old child who suffers from constipation.When I looked for something to feed my own child, there were only products in the world that used lactobacilli and artificial sweeteners that had not been tested for safety in children, and there was not a single supplement that I could feed him with peace of mind.

Therefore, we thoroughly focused on safety and security from the type of lactobacilli to raw materials, and created "ONAKA LACTO".As a health food supplier, we promise to provide only safe and secure products that are backed by science.

In addition, we will never deceive our customers.There is an information gap between our customers and supplement manufacturers.Even major, reputable food manufacturers take advantage of this information gap and use misleading advertisements.I cannot allow that to happen.I believe that only products that truly benefit customers should be delivered.I want to correct the industry with ONAKA LACTO.

And I hope "ONAKA LACTO" will be useful for your health.